The Story of Kearsleys

Since 1948


The Story of Kearsleys Our team is a bouquet of service oriented individuals working cumulatively to make our clients’ dream a reality, but at the same time more memorable and exciting. We go an extra mile to make our clients smile!

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Kearsleys, as it is more avidly known today, was established in 1948 with a vision to serve the foreign expatriates working in Tanganyika (Tanzania before independence) with a reliable and efficient travel and tourism services to meet their needs.

Originally it was a fully owned subsidiary of J.W Kearsley (UK) Ltd., owned by Cory Brothers Ltd. and a member of Powell Duffryn Group.


It changed hands in 1974, when it was sold to N.V. Patel & Brothers Ltd., a locally owned holding company with a wide interest in agriculture and agro- chemical industries, air and sea transportation and general trading.

Since that date the management of the company has been passed to the local board of directors consisting entirely of Tanzanians who have admirably steered the company forward and developed it into a market leader in spite of the economic challenges it faced over the years.


Kearsleys at this juncture is the oldest operating tours and travel company in Tanzania and taking this legacy into consideration, we celebrated its 50th anniversary on 02nd December 1998

With jubilation and euphoria as it earmarked a significant milestone in our history of dedicated and matchless service to the people, general air transportation and tourism sectors in Tanzania.


Today, as we’re now over 74 years into our operation, we are proud to say that Kearsleys has played a pivotal and a leading role in the development of air travel and tourism in Tanzania and has built an unrivalled reputation both locally and internationally serving its clients and the travelling public at large with unparalleled and reliable service levels.

With this strong historical past, the future looks promising and we at Kearsleys are very confident that our legacy will live on for years to come.


Kearsleys is in the forefront in ensuring that many tourists from overseas are attracted to visit out alluring majestic country, Tanzania!

This country offers unlimited scope for tourism growth. It has multitudinous locations, which are exceptionally fascinating for tourists. Giving them an opportunity to explore their fantasies and indulge in an African wildlife safari tour experiencing nature at its best, simultaneously giving them various options to scale Africa’s highest Mountain Mt. Kilimanjaro, visiting cultural local tribes and setting foot on pristine beaches “barefoot” style on the spice island of Zanzibar and neighbouring islands of Mafia Island and Pemba Island.

Over the years, Kearsleys has been the main driving force, a market leader and a strong mover & shaker within the travel and tours industry in Tanzania. Being the oldest operating travel and tours company (since 1948) we have built a strong sense of trust and commitment amongst our employees, giving them opportunities to grow and expand within the company and to steer Kearsleys forward.

Our employees are our backbone and we pride in having a dedicated team of qualified travel & tours consultants, driver guides and senior managers who collectively work hand-in-hand to meet Kearsleys core objectives of providing superior services to our clients in a professional and an efficient manner provide consistent service delivery and finally, to create avenues for growth of both self and organization. Our employees have all been with us for a minimum of 3 years (some exceed 20 years) signifying low employee turnover and high employee satisfaction with Kearsleys. This is what gives us the strength to excel in dire situations and to grow when other companies are downsizing.

The most important aspect of a safari with us the unforgettable experience with our professional Driver Guides. You will spend a lot of time with them and therefore it is essential that they get on well with you. Our driver guides are all handpicked and are very friendly, cheerful, experienced, and knowledgeable about the parks and animals. We would like to think of it in terms of them adopting you as their family for the time they are with you. (We can forward you copies of questionnaires filled by our previous clients, shall you wish).

Guest comfort and convenience has always been a top most priority at Kearsleys and this is reflected in what travellers experience at the start of our journey with us… Our sturdy, latest and impressive fleet of vehicles. We own 40 Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 Extended Safari cars, coasters and luggage vehicles positioned in Arusha for our Northern Circuit wildlife adventure. Our headquarters in Dar es Salaam, boost of 20 airport ground transfer saloon and mini buses with free Wi-Fi access for city transfers, 6 Safari Cars (Land Rovers/ Toyota Land Cruisers) for the Southern Circuit and 1 Coaster (20 seater).

  • 6 Individual window seats for ALL guests to enjoy their unique views in the wild.
  • VHF radios are used for communication between vehicles as and when needed or at times when phone signals are not available.
  • Electric fridge with chilled drinks, a prerequisite for the hot and dusty day’s safari.
  • There are also binocular in each vehicle to assist with locating game or viewing game that is at a distance.


Discover unparalleled expertise and passion in crafting unique experiences. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your journey exceeds expectations, creating memories that last a lifetime.


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